Why Does The PTSA Conduct Fundraising Activities?

Our PTSA is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to enhance and support the educational programs and environment at Montgomery Middle School. Only a small portion of the PTSA’s income comes from PTSA membership dues paid each year. To provide the support to our school and children, to make certain programs possible, and to bridge the gap between public funds and actual expenses, WE NEED TO RAISE MONEY. In order to raise funds, the PTSA conducts a variety of fundraisers to fit everyone’s preference.

Where Does My Donation Money Go?

Montgomery PTSA funds programs, equipment, classroom support, and services each year that benefit our students. Programs like the $500 Enrichment Grants, Student Incentives, Renaissance Fair, Roman Empire Party, Track Meet Waters, 8th grade Breakfast of Champions, library books and furniture, Roadrunner Academic Awards, End of the Year Awards & Recognitions, and many others would not exist without PTSA fundraising.

How Can I Make a Donation?

Making a donation is easy! Simply send in a check or cash in an envelope with your child marked “PTSA donation” and turn it in to their ATL teacher or the office.  Work for an employer who provides matching charitable donations? Please contact our Membership V.P.

What Fundraisers Can I Expect This Year?

Each year Mongtomery PTSA hosts  fundraisers in the Fall and in the Spring.

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